Contractors, Closers & Connections – Private Commercial Construction & Real Estate Events





Contractors, Closers & Connections (CCC) is excited to partner with BIG in order to further our mission of connecting others throughout these industry verticals.  By having available projects posted and information being shared it’s going to be of immense benefit to have a tool like this as part of the arsenal for the CCC network of companies.

The Contractors, Closers & Connections (CCC) was established to provide a deliberate forum for professionals who serve the commercial real estate & construction industries to network, create introductions, send referrals, share new ideas and promote the industry’s overall advancement via in-person events.

The CCC consists of multiple national chapters which organize and host professional industry events to include clientele from various market designations:  general contractors, real estate developers, owner’s representatives, special consultants, financial partners & investors, property managers & building engineers, program managers, engineering & architecture firms, interior designers, economic development officials, politicians, commercial real estate brokers, material vendors & sub-contractors.

Contact Chris Maier by filling out the form for more information or details on how to be a sponsor and a guest of a future event!